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Origami Cairns' origami class


I am holding regular origami classes as a local community club called "Origami Cairns".


From this year the classes are held at the JEI Learning Centre in the Cairns City, it is normally on one of the Saturday afternoons in each month.


We have different themes to fold at each class, and often they are related to something seasonal or cultural. (You can see the photos from previous classes from Origami Cairns activities page.) 


We welcome anyone to participate the class as long as they are old enough to follow instructions and able to fold papers relatively neatly. They are popular by a wide range of people including children, youth, and adults with or without children. As I run the class using both English and Japanese, it is also a great opportunity to be exposed to the Japanese language and culture for the Cairns local community.

If you are interested in the receiving the information for origami classes and other origami-related events, you can sign up for the Origami Cairns mailing list, or you can check out the Origami Cairns' Facebook page.


Please contact Yuka for any inquiry.






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Added some origami artwork and activities from this year


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