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Origami Cairns' origami class


I am holding regular origami classes as a local community club called "Origami Cairns".


The last origami class was held together with Maki's pastel art as Christmas card-making workshop.


There were 7 participants on the day and they made 2 or 3 Christmas cards combining the pastel art and origami to decorate their cards. After we have finished, we enjoyed the live ukulele music who have kindly volunteered to provide a nice background music while we enjoyed the tea and muffins. The participation fee that we collected have been donated to Smile With Kids project, which is run by Maki to support the children in Fukushima.

Please see the photo album from here.


Please contact Yuka if you are interested in the future classes.


You can see the photos from previous classes from Origami Cairns activities page. Also check out Origami Cairns' Facebook page.


Field Guide to the Wildlife of Cairns for sale

I have started to sell a book called "Field Guide to the Wildlife of Cairns (ケアンズ生き物図鑑)", which was written by my taiko mate's husband Mr.Jun Matsui. It is a field guide with pictures and names (English, Scientific, and Japanese) of the local wildlife in Cairns' region, and explanation about each species in Japanese. This book was mainly designed for Japanese travelers to learn about Cairns' wildlife, but I would also like to promote this book to the local Japanese community so they can enjoy the wildlife around them in their everyday life. The book covers a wide range of land animals including insects and other invertebrates, reptiles, birds and mammals. It also has descriptions about the auther's favorite walking trails with the maps and lists of animals that are likely to be seen.

If you have some Japanese friends or family who may be interested in learning more about the local wildlife in Cairns region, this book would be a perfect gift for them!


Price: $25  $20!!   Shipping fee: $5  The price has become 20%off now!

Size: 210mm x 150mm x 10mm, 275g


Contact Yuka for order. Negotiation for shipping fee is accepted if you are making a multiple purchases.



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Origami Cairns activities

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Origami Cairns activities

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Origami Cairns Activities

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