You will need a standard-size (15cm x 15cm) origami, ideally in a metalic colour. If not available, you can use a cut-out alminum foil glued on a normal origami.


Step 1

The instruction for how to fold the star is available from this website:

(Source: "Origami Club"


Make two of them if you can. (You will see the reason later.)



Step 2

After you made the star, use some double-sided sticky tape (or a glue stick) so that it will keep the star shape after you put it on the tree. (I recommend 3M's Permanent Double Sided Tape.)

Follow the slideshow below for where to apply the double-sided tape, and where to insert the top tip of the Christmas tree.




Step 3

Put one star on top of the Christmas tree using double-sided tape or blue tac.


Use another star to hide the messy side of the star using double-sided tape or blue tac.



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