Christmas tree


In order to make a Christmas tree, you need a magazine (or something similar) that has about 20-40 pages, and is stapled at the centre. (Don't use the ones that are glued or stitched, as they won't spread around well when you make it stand up at the end.) You need to see the balance of the paper quality and the number of pages of the magazine; if the paper is thin, you need more pages to make the tree stand still. If the magazine has too many pages, rip some pages off from the staples. Also rip off the hard cover to start with.


Step 1

Once you are ready, keep folding each page as in the slide show.

Here are some tips when folding:

-Open the very centre page of the magazine where you can see the staples. Start folding one half of the magazine first, then turn it over to do the rest.

-Make sure that the top corner is nice and sharp to make a neat cone shape.

-The second fold (the longest fold) has to be very neat, as this is going to be the exposed edge of the tree.

-The third fold (the little triangle at the bottom) can be folded with 5-7 pages together. What I mean is, repeat only first and second folds for 5-7 pages, then fold the little triangle at the bottom all at once in this bundle.


Step 2

When you finished folding all the pages, make it stand up using the bottom triangles as its base. If the pages won't spread around well, you can glue the bottom triangles together to keep them in place.


Step 3

Decorate the tree with the star and other christmas ornaments to make your Christmas tree unique!



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