About Animal x Education

The name "Animal x Education" derives from the two areas of studies that I studied in the university: Zoology (Animal) and Education. Through visits of zoos, teaching work and community events, I developed many ideas to engage children and accompanying adults through custom-made programs, resources and activities.

Available services

Animal x Education offers the following services:



• Designing educational resources and programs

Designing educational resources such as:

・custom-made worksheets

・PowerPoint slideshows with effective visual effects

・Educational programs using above resources and other hands-on activities such as origami


The specialised subjects are Natural Science and Japanese.


Previous work examples:

Sustainability education program @ Sus Juku

LOTE (Japanese) resources

Prac teaching –Year8 Science
Oral presentation Powerpoint slides for Zoological studies
Presentation Powerpoint slides for Singapore Zoo Education Department
Bat Care Brisbane Educational Program

*Sample educational resources and activities are viewable from the following pages:

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• Casual teaching and private tutoring

I am available as a casual teacher and a private tutor for the following subject areas:


・Biology and Science

・Primary Maths and English


I am also available as a relief teacher for schools in Cairns region for the above subjects plus special needs education. I am registered on TRACER for government schools as well as Catholic Education's relief teacher list.



• Origami

*Origami artwork samples are viewable from this page:

[Bilingual service]

All the above services are available in both English and Japanese. (Japanese is my first language.)




The service fee will depend on the amount of work and time required for it, but approximately AU$30-40/hour would be what I’d expect. Please contact me to discuss.



Please feel free to discuss about other kinds of work that are not on the above list, as long as the work is something related to my background and experiences.




Yuka Nakamura



ABN:83 906 996 332


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