Science / Biology resources

Prac teaching - Year 8 Science-

Rainforest Ecosystem

April-June 2010

During my Science prac teaching at Cleveland District State High School I taught Ecology to the Year8s. I made a work sheet with my illustration of the rainforest ecosystem, then I instructed students to label all the living (biotic) things with the respective ecological roles (producer, herbivore etc). Then students needed to draw arrows that indicate the flow of energy (i.e.producer→herbivore→carnivore→→→decomposer→producer). After that the flow of non-living (abiotic) factors (e.g.water, sun light etc) were added in a different colour.

Students were very focused on the activity and seemed to have understood the concept of how the ecosystem is maintained in nature.

Origami food web

After the students learned about the flow of energy in an ecosystem, they learned about food web. I made some animals with origami that represent antarctic ocean and explained the concept by sticking each animal from the producer level to the carnivore level, drawing arrows showing which animal eat what. I added decomposer (bacteria) at the end explaining that all the organisms in the food web will be broken down by the bacteria and the energy is recycled. Students made a similar food web diagram as a group activity.

Oral presentation for zoology assignment

Sep 2009

This is a sample of animated powerpoint work for academic presentation assigned for a Zoology course at my uni. The animations visualised the complecated experimental procedure and the analytical graphs to make the best use of given presentation time.