Powerpoint slides for zoos and wildlife conservation organisations

Singapore Zoo Education Department Enrichment Program

During the volunteer work at Singapore Zoo, I made a draft powerpoint slide show about animal diet and body characteristics.

It explains the zoological terms "Carnivore", "Herbivore" and "Omnivore" using pictures of representing animals and explaining the characteristics of each types of animals (teeth, digestive tract, life style etc) according to their food.

This Powerpoint slide show was used for the Education Department's Enrichment Program in the year 2009, targetting Middle - Upper Primary students.


(Read about the volunteer work experience at Singapore Zoo)

Bat Care Brisbane Educational Program


Jan 2007 


I made a Power Point slide show for a local wildlife protection society in Brisbane. It was made for their events to educate the local children about bats. It consists of quizes, fun animations and educational messages about wildlife conservation. 

Children enjoyed watching this animalted powerpoint slide show, especially when the presenter talked about the important role of bats as seed dispersers. As the bat flies across forest, it drops poos which grow into new trees!