LOTE (Japanese) resources

Feb 2012

Origami is a useful tool to attract children, and even more so if they move like cartoon caracters.

I made those finger puppets of a pig, a racoon, a fox and a cat for a Japanese lesson for a two-year-old boy. I was teaching names of animals in Japanese, and I sang a kid's song in Japanese called "kobutanukitsuneko (こぶたぬきつねこ)", which consists of the words for each animal in Japanese: kobuta(こぶた) =piglet, tanuki(たぬき) =racoon, kitsune(きつね) =fox, and neko(ねこ) =cat. And these words also link to each other, as the last letter of each word matches with the first letter of the next word. (And "neko" links back to "kobuta" again.) The lyrics are repeating these animal names as well as their sounds.


Children love this song as it's very simple but is fun. They quickly learn the Japanese words by looking at the finger puppets which bow with the song lyric.


You can listen to the song from the link below:

Prac teaching - Year8 Japanese

Animal unit

July-Sep 2010

During my Japanese prac teaching at Cleveland District SHS, I did an "Animal" unit for the Year8 classes. These are some sample activity sheets that I made.