Animal x Education program @ Sus juku

Spring program

Creating image of biodiversity with origami

Feb 2012

I designed an educational program for a juku (=complementary academic school) in Japan called Sus Juku. Sus Juku is a renovative juku which aims to teach their students the concept of sustainability for the purpose of environmental education. I got to know the proprietor through my friend, and he offered me this job, which was perfectly matching with the concept of Animal x Education!


The slide show above is the model image of biodiversity in the spring time in Japan. Students are guided to make a variety of animals and plants with origami to fill in the blank picture on the wall. As they complete the picture, the teachers will talk about the different roles that each organism plays and explain the importance of biodiversity.


Origami food web

After students understood the concept of biodiversity, they will have another activity to complete a food chain using the organism that they added in the biodiversity picture. The teachers will explain the concept of food chain and the cycle of energy in an ecosystem, then students will have to make their own food chain diagram using origami and illustrations.


Sus Juku is newly opening from this March and this educational program using is going to be an on-going project throughout the year. I'm looking forward to hearing from them about the students' response!



The program has started from this April and the activity report is available from their blog.






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