Christmas origami workshop

I was given an opportunity to run a workshop for the Christmas craft workshop series at Cairns Botanic Garden again this year. Besides the iconic Christmas items such as stars and Santa Claus, we also made Christmas stockings out of gift wrapping paper, and Christmas wreath out of expired brochure of Botanic Garden, as a way to enjoy crafts without buying any fancy materials!


More photos are available from Origami Cairns Activities page.

Paper art exhibition at Tanks Art Centre

Some of my previous origami artworks have been selected for the paper art exhibition at Tanks Art Centre:

-Cherry blossom chains (made from pink printing paper)

-Woven cubes (made from origami paper and A4 mis-print paper)
-Flower garden (made from expired brochure of Botanic Garden)

They were displayed in public from 22nd of Nov till 18th of Dec.

Oct 2013

Japan Expo was held on the 5th of October for the first time in Cairns, and there were a lot of cultural displays, food and services, as well as some stage performances all featuring traditional and pop culture of Japan.

I have participated with origami stall and Japanese taiko drum performance on stage. There were a lot of people at the venue on the day, and I thoroughly enjoyed the event.


More photos are available from Origami Cairns activities page.

Tropical Wave Festival

Sep 2013

Tropical Wave Festival is an anual event to celebrate the cultural diversity in Cairns community, and every year there are lots of food and craft stalls of different countries, and live music and dances throughout the day and night!

It became my 3rd year to participate this event, again with Cairns Kodomokai, and Cairns Taiko.

I ran the origami stall with the help of Kodomokai (Japanese kids group), and I performed the taiko drums on stage with my drum team. It's been a lot of fun both at the stall and the stage.

Japan Day of Hope charity event

Mar 2013
I took part in the charity event for commemorating the divastating earthquake that happened in Japan in 2011 March. I ran the origami booth to be part of the fundraising. I also performed the taiko drumming at the event opening. (See taiko performance)

All the money that we raised from this event are going to be donated to three NPO organisations that support the better and healthier future of Fukushima.
Thank you so much for those people who came along to the event and donated some money!!
(Event set up and some photos by Metcha Culture Australia)

Iwaki World TAMBO Project rice harvest festival

Feb 2013

On one weekend I went down to a Ayr, Queensland, to support the Samurai rice farmer Mr.Shirado, who established a Japanese rice field there. Mr.Shirado was a farmer in Fukushima until the nuclear powerplant exploded after the 2011 earthquake. Having lost their farmland due to the contamination with the leaking radiation, many farmers in Fukushima lost hope for their future. But Mr.Shirado stood up and brought a handful of rice to Australia to start his rice field project, hoping for the recovery of Fukushima's agriculture.

At the one year aniversery harvest festival, the Japanese community group in Cairns got together to offer various helps for the festival. I have offered to set up a children't activity booth, theming the ecosystem around rice field, which is an essential part of Japan's nature and its culture.






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