2012 July-December

International Human Rights Day_Kids' craft activity

Dec 2012

Volunteer work with Cairns Kodomokai at International Human Rights Day for the Kids' craft activity outside the venue. Kodomokai made some waterbombs and I did the origami booth.

Japan culture day at TAFE Day Care Centre

Nov 2012

I visited the child care centre at TAFE for their Japan culture day and taught a very simple origami for the children between 3-5. I demonstrated how to make a paper crane, then taught how to fold a love heart. They enjoyed making love hearts out of just a square piece of paper!

Taiko (Japanese drum) performances

Aug 2012

I have joined the local taiko team that my friend has started recently and had the first performance at Tropical Wave Festival that was held by CARMA (Cairns And Regional Multicultual Association) at Fogarty Park, Esplanade.

You can see the full taiko performance on YouTube.


After this event our team, now named as Cairns Taiko, had several offers for the performance opportunities at various cultural events.


Taiko is the Japanese word for "drum", and it involves not just rythmical beats of the drum but also involves a lot of physical movements of the body. Traditionally taiko has been played for festivals, stage performance BGM, or ceremonies, but because of the visuality of players' physical body movements, playing taiko itself often appeals as a stage performance.

Tropical Wave Festival -Children's origami workshop-

Sep 2012

I have participated Tropical Wave Festival 2012 with Cairns Kodomokai again this year. I have helped with their Origami workshop and taught some origami to the local children.


Cairns Parade with Japan Omikoshi Parade team

Aug 2012

I have participated Cairns Parade with the Japan Omikoshi Parade team. This was the first time that the Japanese community took part in it, and their passion for making it a success grew up into an outcome of nearly 400 participants and winning the well-deserved first prize!

It was also an opportunity for us to say "Thank you" to the Cairns community for supporting the Japanese community with recovering from last year's earthquake disaster. I helped to make the "Thank you" bookmarks that were given out to the people during this parade. I distributed them with two other participants who came from Fukushima. It must have been a very meaningful time for them as well.






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