2012 January - June

MNA Kids Club Celebrate World Environment Day

June 2012

I have participated a community event called World Environmental Day held by MNA Kids Club at Manoora Community Park. There I promoted origami as a way to reuse paper and taught how to make some rainforest and marine animals such as frogs, butterflies, dolphins and whales. This event was mainly targeting the local indigenous community (including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders) and there were a lot of indigenous children at the event. It was very interesting that many of these children were natually talented artists. After they made their origami animals with A4 colour paper, they started to draw some interesting patterns on them. It was a great collaboration of Japanese and indigenous cultures!

Relay for Life -fundraising for Cancer Council-

May 2012

I and another origami craft maker Hiromi made sold some origami products to raise fund for the Cancer Research Queensland. I have also displayed the origami flowers that I made for Cairns Botanic Garden.

Harmony Day

March 2012
I have participated Harmony Day with Cairns Kodomokai and danced Nanchu Soran Bushi again on the stage at Japukai Aboriginal Park.

Harmony Day is aimed for raising awareness of the presence of multiculture in the communities, and it is a State-wide recognition day. There were a lot of different ethnic performances and food stalls. It was good for the Kodomokai kids to have such opportunity to represent Japanese culture.

Japan Day of Hope -Fund raising for 3.11 tsunami orphans-

I participated to Japan Day of Hope event again this year. Many skilled Japanese people gathered in a community hall to raise money for supporting the victims of the Japan earthquake of last year.
The money that we raise was sent to 東日本大震災みやぎこども育英募金, which is an educational fund for supporting children who lost their parents from the disaster.
For more information, see:
http://ameblo.jp/maki-happycolour/entry-11181641627.html (Japanese only)

Japanite Cairns -Soran Bushi performance-

Feb 2012

I and 3 other friends have performed Nanchu Soran Bushi at a Club Event called Japanite held at Buddha Bar, Esplanade.

This club event was featuring Japanese culture and there was another performance that was featuring Japanese culture, which was the Taiko (Japanese drum) that later I joined.

More than 100 people turned up on this night and they enjoyed the Japanese food and beverage, girls in Kimono, and lots of other fun activities.






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