Volunteering at A-Bomb exhibition

Oct-Nov 2011

Cairns' Mayor has signed for the "Mayor for Peace" in 2010, and Cairns City Council held an Atomic Bomb exhibition at Tanks Art Centre to commemorate this occasion. I offered to volunteer for them so that people could see the exhibition on weekends, and also to teach people how to make a thousand-cranes as a symbol of peace.


By the end of this exhibition, the paper cranes reached 1072, and there were 238 messages on the message board. They are now sent to Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, carrying all the wishes for peace from us as Cairns City; a new "city of peace".

Cairns Kodomo Kai activity

Helping out the Japanese community group with the kids activity. This time we made a calender for 2012 with origami decorations.

Event Participation with Cairns Kodomo Kai

Sep 2011

I participated two events with Cairns Kodomo Kai, the Japanese parents and children's group, to represent Japanese culture.

At Tropical Wave Festival, which was a multicultural festival organised by CARMA, we had yo-yo fishing game and origami at the booth, and also danced So-ran Bushi (fishermen's dance) on the stage.

At Discover Japan, which was a Japanese cultural exhibition sponsered by the AJS of FNQ and the Consulate of Japan, we danced So-ran Bushi again. I have also displayed my origami at the information desk of the Consulate of Japan.

Tropical Wave Festival

Discover Japan

Japan Day of Hope

April 2011

Volunteered for a charity event "Japan Day of Hope" to fundraise for the tsunami victims in Japan. I helped to sell the ruffles tickets and encouraged people to make origami cranes, a simbol of hope, with messages to the victims in Japan.






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