Brisbane Forest Park Aussie wildlife tour

Oct & Nov 2010

Oct  2009

Ran a guided tour in the forest for the Japanese college students visiting Australia to study about its wildlife and the ecosystem. Explained the feature of dry Australian climate which formed the open sclerophyll forest and the adaptations of animals. Talked about the wildlife spotted in the forest.

Soran-Bushi performance at Springwood Central State School

June 2010

I volunteered for teaching Soran-Bushi dance (Japanese fisherman dance) to students at Springwood Central State School on their Japanese Culture Day. I taught it to students between Yr5-7 class by class before they had to perform it in front of the teachers and parents.

I firstly showed the video of last year's Soran-Bushi performance that I was involved in, explaining the cultural background of the music and the dance. Then taught the movements step by step. I split the dance into 6 parts so that each class can do their part, not the entire dance. This way  students could feel like they learned the dance in a day!


The students absolutely liked this dance, and I really enjoyed teaching them.


At the end of the day, I and two other volunteers performed the dance on stage, with all the students dancing together with us below the stage. At Finale, all of us gathered up and shared the joy! It was a fantastic moment of sharing Japanese culture with over a hundread of children!!






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