International Day of Peace

Sep 2009

I went for a volunteer work for Intenational Day of Peace Fair that was held in Brisbane Botanic Garden with my other Japanese friends. We helped the booth for making paper cranes as a symbol of peace. The cranes that we made were later sent to a school in poorer country to send a wish of peace from Australia.

Work experience at Singapore Zoo Education Department

January - February 2009

I spent 5weeks of my uni holiday at Singapore Zoo Education Department for my work experience. During the time, I had a tremendous experience with the animals, school kids and the friendly zoo staff.


Enrichment Program

Singapore Zoo Education Dep deals with school excursion groups almost every day. One of their main jobs was to give a presentation about the theme that school requested, using animal specimens and PowerPoint slide shows full of pictures.

I was given opportunities to give talks in the auditorium in front of the school groups, which was my 'dream-came-true' experience!

As part of the Enrichment Program, I made a draft powerpoint slide show about animal diet theming different characteristics of animals (teeth, digestive tract, life style etc) according to their food.


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Year of the Ox event (Moo Booth)

During this period, Singapore was celebrating Chinese New Year, and Singapore Zoo was having an event to highlight cow-related animals as it was the year of the ox. Education Dep held a booth where visitors could stop by and learn about even-hooved animals while kids could have fun making origami cows. My job was to show animal specimen and explain the body features of the cow-related animals (giraffes, buffalos, dears etc), and of course, to teach origami!


Behind the Scene Tour

Singapore Zoo also conduct a tour to show students around the backyard of the zoo facilities including animal exhibits, food storage room and animal hospitals. In the photos above, students are touching a real snake in the reptile house. They learn not just about the animals but also about how to run a zoo.


School camp program

Singapore Zoo even provides opportunity for school kids to camp at the zoo! During the camp, students can explore every single bits of the Zoo, Night Safari and their animals with the experienced camp facilitators. I got to experience working as a co-facilitator and had a fantastic time with the kids. 

Singapore Zoo Education Department Origami Workshop

8th Feb 2009

Towards the end of my attachment with Singapore Zoo, I was given an opportunity to run an origami workshop at the auditorium. It was for the vounteer zoo guides who were mostly tertiary school students or young workers. I talked about the ease of making some animal toys for children using nothing but a paper, then demonstrated some basic animal origamis.







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