Here is the brief summary of my community work and activities.


Catholic vacation care Christmas origami activity

Christmas accessory and card making workshop

Smile With Kids charity Christmas card making workshop

Reef Friends - Reef Kids Christmas event origami stall

Origami x Japanese sweets @ Hayabusa in Kuranda

Layland Farm Nature Walk 

JCU AML Elementary Japanese language course

Saint Francis Xavier After School Care Japan Day origami and So-ran Bushi workshop

Bon Dance Festival taiko drum

North Kyushu flooding charity event

WA-band live music performance for private function

Freshwater State School Fete origami stall

Gimuy Fish Festival Origami Stall

JCU AML Junior Language course

Salvation Army voluntary origami class

Smile With Kids Fukushima Kids Refresh Camp Talk session translation

Japan Day of Hope 2017 - the 6th annual tsunami memorial charity event

Okayama Daianji High School guest talk "Japanese person working overseas"


Origami earring making workshop

Origami & Pastel Art Christmas card making workshop

60's & Smile With Kids charity Christmas music event

JCU AML Junior Language course

Whitfield Kindy anniversary event origami stall

Mojo Workshop nature walk at Centenary Lakes

Gimuy Fish Festival Origami stall

Kumamoto Earthquake charity event basking

Japan Day Of Hope tsunami memorial event origami stall


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Christmas origami earring making workshop

Peace Lutheran College Spring Fair origami stall

Centenary Lake nature walk with Cairns Wing

Bon Odori Festival

Piano accompaniment for Japanese song performances

Gimuy Fish Festival origami stall

Kuranda Ukulele BBQ piano and ukulele performance

Private language immersion course

Paper crane strap making for fundraising for Smile With Kids

Japan Day Of Hope charity event for supporting Fukushima


Christmas Craft workshop @ Cairns Botanic Garden

Tanks Paper Art Exhibition origami display

Japan Expo origami stall and taiko performance

Tropical Wave Festival origami stall and taiko performance

Japan Day of Hope charity event for supporting Fukushima

Iwaki World TAMBO Project rice harvest festival


International Human Rights Day_Kids' craft activity

Japan culture day at TAFE Day Care Centre

Taiko (Japanese drum) performances

Tropical Wave Festival -Children's origami workshop-

Cairns Parade with Japan Omikoshi Parade team

MNA Kids Club Celebrate World Environment Day

Relay for Life -fundraising for Cancer Countil-

Harmony Day

Japan Day of Hope -Fund raising for 3.11 tsunami orphans-

Japanite Cairns


Volunteering at A-bomb exhibition

Event participation with Cairns Kodomokai

Japan Day of Hope


Brisbane Forest Park Aussie wildlife tour

Soran Bushi performance at Springwood Central State School


International Day of Peace

Work Experience at Singapore Zoo Educational Department

Singapore Zoo Education Department Origami Workshop



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